Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Brown Leather Brogues

Shoe shinning

"The way to make a statement without even open your mouth  is with your good pair of shoes."

now now...

I didn't really sure it how it works. 

Did the shine on your shoes determine who you are?

Did the thought of other people about your shoes will translate for what you feel?

Or, that statement just simply encouraging you to throw your shoes at them to get their attention?

anyway, I've learned that shoe shinning is not an easy task.
Shoes by Pedro
It involve a hard work for your elbow, fingers, wrist, etc...

If you are lucky you'll be able to finish to shine your shoes for half an hour.

And you will have a nice polish pair of shoes. 
If you would like to have nice 'spit-shine' shoes, it will take you two hours.

But I enjoy the aroma of the leather and the wax (I only used cheap kiwi wax) - the way it makes me work, the feeling when seeing the result.

And as long as I do not use liquid instant-shine - it makes me feel authentic.

So I don't think its about the shoes.
I think its about what you do to yourself.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Approval Junkie

We are just an Approval Junkie...
I heard that sentence some not-so-old movie.

Maksudnya kurang lebih begini, kalau kita pake baju yang sooooo in-fashion, dan semua orang kayaknya suka, kita bakalan senang. Or in my case, if my work being appreciated, mungkin rasanya lebih dari some beautiful girl comes to you and said, "Hi there, handsome..." 

Sebenernya ini ngarang sih, gak pernah ada yang bilang gitu, so i wouldn't know ;) 

Anyway, it is what i feel when someone appreciate my writings. 
better than when someone complementing my work in audio visual, or in my music, or might even better than when someone complementing my cookings.

That is huge.

Meski kita hanya melakukan apa yang kita suka. That nice and warm feeling will still lingering, like a warm blanket, getting you through the day. Untuk percaya, kalau kita melakukan apa yang kita suka, kita akan menemukan apa yang kita cari. Meski bentuknya berbeda. Atau pun tak disangka-sangka sekali. 

But believe me, it is what we have been looking for.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Match Made In Heaven....

Simple salad dressing is the best.
There, I've said it.

Daripada dressing yang macem-macem, just 3 part of olive oil and 1 part of balsamic vinegar will give your salad a better taste. Add little salt and pepper if you like.

I learn it long a go, when I used to have lunch at BEJ, which is next to my old working place.

Intrique by interesting bottle, I ordered the salad.
(as a meatlover, jarang banget makan salad - paling jauh salad buah atau coleslaw)
Sejak itu, I like salad. Hell, I eat leaf like a goat now.

It is a revelation to me
Sometimes everything must be made simple to be beautiful. And tasteful. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pulu-pulu Arabica Toraja Coffee

Here's another obsession of mine. Coffee.

Kalau kamu udah minum kopi tanpa gula dan bisa menikmatinya, nah, toss kita!!

Gak sengaja baca di majalah bintaro kalau ternyata di pasar graha raya ada seorang pecinta kopi yang kerjanya keliling daerah, mencoba kopi tradisional dan membelinya.
Si Om ini, memang bener-bener pecinta kopi, makanya dia bela-belain beli kopi yang 'gak umum'.

Pas suatu saat sehabis shooting TVC woman one untuk BII -  yang kebetulan ternyata berlokasi di pasar modern graha raya, I make a decision to visit his shop.

Si Om ini baik banget, dia tanya, "sukanya biasa kopi apa?"
"Aceh gayo...ada hints of chocolatenya, atau java jampit"

"Ok. Sekarang, coba yang lain ya, ini namanya pulu-pulu...kayaknya di jakarta hanya kita deh, gak tau juga, tapi ini jarang, saya roast medium, supaya exoticnya gak ilang", kata si Om lagi.

Ohh...menarik. Bahkan si om memperlihatkan beans yang belum di roast, yang lebih jarang lagi, katanya tunjuk aja mau yang mana, nanti saya roast. Si Om ini prakarya buat alat roasting sendiri..well, it works for me =), soalnya sepertinya gak ada beans yang gosong atau under roast (ada gak sih term ini? under roast?)

Gimana rasanya?

Arabika pulu-pulu toraja: Fruity, hints of PINEAPPLE, yeah, very different, yet perfect to start a morning with this mild to full body coffee.

You, coffee lovers, should go there!! ke Pasar modern Graha Raya, tanya aja beli kopi dimana.

This is an obsession: 1Q84

Murakami, Haruki...gak biasa-biasanya ada penulis yang bisa membuat obsessed. Tapi itulah yang terjadi. Di buku terbarunya, 1Q84 - each day mendekati akhir, rasanya kok makin takut selesai ...karena mungkin dia masih lama nulis lagi, atau masih lama jadinya...
Sementara sepertinya all of his novel (kecuali yang early years kali ya, yang pinball), i have read it. Including shorts compilations. 

Truly, not many can do such thing that he does. A remarkable writer, a memorable passages, an original, genuine Murakami. 

3 books in one (yea, I'm cheap) and now looking for the news if he's currently writing a new one. 
This is an obsession. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We didn't change our luck.

No we don't 
We didn't 
We never will.
not the 8th ball, or even the 13th ball.
Luck is predetermined.
Coincidence is an illusion.
But hope is real.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feels like one million....(dollar?)

When talking about men fragrance, or eau de toilette, i have very little knowledge....
Mungkin karena jarang beli ya.
Selalu ada relatives, atau teman yang beliin, buat kado and I don't mind at all. 
* Gak percaya takhayul kado parfum berakibat permusuhan =)

Anyway, what's my list? mmm, yang pernah ada di kamar dari remaja sampe sekarang adalah:
Eternity, Paco Robanne Xs, Davidoff coolwater, Bvlgari, hugo boss yang kayak botol tentara itu..., and...thats it...sebagian beli, kebanyakan dikasih. =)

Dan hugo boss udah abis, ...tunggu beberapa lama, no relatives or friend giving me that kind of gift. 
Oh, ok, maybe its time for me to buy.

Setelah jalan-jalan, mikir-mikir, testang testing..(testang?)
pilihan jatuh pada Paco Robanne one million. Mm, this on makes me feel like a million dollar. I mean, whats not to love? Noticeable scent, not to mention that Gold Casing, truly a million dollar flavor...A One million to be precise.

It has a hints of grapefruit, or blood orange, cinnamon, blond leather etc....(nyontek - tenang, jangan protes) - anyway, I like the scent and the way it makes me feel.

So... sampe rumah, spray in my pulsating skin (e.g wrist, back of the neck, neck, behind my ears...) and waiting for the wife makes a comment.

"Smells like dettol", she said.


Saturday, January 14, 2012


My bike.
Restoration process.

Honda CB 100 th 1073. Motor tua, gak pantes dibilang koleksi, karena gak terawat-terawat amet. Ga pantes dibilang klasik, karena gak ori-ori amet (pake CDI lagi), pantesnya hanya satu kata. Asik ;P

But, I'm thinking of selling it, and get a bigger one, and perhaps, more older than 73.